Sales Support

People love paper and they love to be sold. There is incredible sizzle in the feel and look of paper. Paper i provides resellers with a variety of tools to enhance your paper sales and unleash the potential of your paper strategy.

We help our clients sell paper through a spectrum of sales services:

Sales Meetings

Office supply and jan san dealers benefit from the information, knowledge, and experience that the Paper i team brings to a sales meeting. We present paper in an easy-to-understand format, that connects the field sales representative’s everyday opportunities to the right paper. Your sales force will become empowered and confident with the knowledge to become the paper person of choice in all their accounts, excited by the strategic advantage that gives them.


Expertise creates value in the eyes of your customer. paper i training provides introductory knowledge with Paper 101, as well as the deep dive into Brand Selling and Upselling that sales professionals pursue for the strategic advantage paper expertise provides.

End User Calls

Customers seeking new ideas or just looking for a better way benefit from the customer intimacy a face to face meeting with a paper professional can bring. Dealers gain confidence and loyalty from their customers when they can bring in the expertise their client needs. New business is developed, deeper relationships are formed. Paper i is here for you.

Complaint Handling

Opportunity knocks when a complaint arises. Paper i’s quick, thorough and comprehensive complaint handling helps your dealership turn lemons into lemonade.

How can we help you?

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Since the inception of this organization, we have consistently and persistently endeavored to conduct our business on one essential principle: that in every transaction the very name of this organization should carry with it an assurance of thorough understanding, absolute integrity and the utmost in service. We believe that the measure of success which we have achieved is a measure of the success of this policy.

D. Samuel Gottesman (1885-1956)