Paper Consulting

Drawing on the extensive experience of its account managers and executive leadership,  Paper i helps paper resellers move to a business enhancing paper strategy.

Our services help our clients create value through:

Marketing Strategy

As companies assess their changing market strategy in office supplies, most are finding that paper remains critical to success. In an increasingly globalized, volatile marketplace, designing a clear marketing strategy for paper is essential. Paper i helps companies carefully think through the strategic direction with the strongest growth potential.

Acquisition Optimization

Paper resellers are emerging from the pandemic struggling with competition from new channels and customers have grown wary – which means they are looking for ways to spur growth while containing costs. Paper i understands the need to assist dealers by bringing insight and experience to the mix. Sometimes that means playing both offense and defense in the strategy.


As organizations look to grow by entering new markets or protecting their existing interests, alliances become important strategic tools. Paper i brings together the strengths of the wholesaler, the mill, and the independent dealer to compete in a changing world.

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Since the inception of this organization, we have consistently and persistently endeavored to conduct our business on one essential principle: that in every transaction the very name of this organization should carry with it an assurance of thorough understanding, absolute integrity and the utmost in service. We believe that the measure of success which we have achieved is a measure of the success of this policy.

D. Samuel Gottesman (1885-1956)